Snapper Fishing in Galveston

Snapper Fishing in Galveston

There are two main types of snapper you can catch in Galveston: red snapper and mangrove snapper.

Red Snapper

  • Typically found around artificial reefs, wrecks, and natural structures on the Gulf floor
  • Requires a Galveston deep sea fishing trip (offshore) due to the depths they inhabit (around 120 feet or more)
  • Managed fishery with seasonal regulations (typically June 1st to July end) – you can catch them outside the season but not keep them

Mangrove Snapper

  • More common inshore, around the Galveston jetties, passes, and near structure
  • Can be caught from shore, piers, or kayaks
  • Smaller than red snapper
  • More readily available throughout the year

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Catching Redfish in Galveston

Catching Redfish in Galveston

Redfish, also known as red drum, are popular game fish found in Galveston’s extensive network of bays, marshes, and estuaries. They are known for their bronze-colored backs, distinctive spot patterns, and hard fighting nature.

Here’s some information about redfish in Galveston:

  • Habitat:¬†Redfish are highly adaptable fish and can be found almost anywhere in Galveston’s waters. They prefer shallow bays, bayous, and estuaries up to 4 feet deep with muddy or grassy seafloors. They can also be found around jetties.
  • Fishing Season:¬†Redfish can be caught year-round in Galveston, but the most productive time for fishing is between late summer and fall, particularly September.


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