Snapper Fishing in Galveston

Snapper Fishing in Galveston

There are two main types of snapper you can catch in Galveston: red snapper and mangrove snapper.

Red Snapper

  • Typically found around artificial reefs, wrecks, and natural structures on the Gulf floor
  • Requires a Galveston deep sea fishing trip (offshore) due to the depths they inhabit (around 120 feet or more)
  • Managed fishery with seasonal regulations (typically June 1st to July end) – you can catch them outside the season but not keep them

Mangrove Snapper

  • More common inshore, around the Galveston jetties, passes, and near structure
  • Can be caught from shore, piers, or kayaks
  • Smaller than red snapper
  • More readily available throughout the year

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